About me

I was touched by music when I was only a little child. My grandpa played the clarinet in a local band. At the age of 9 I started to play a melodica. A year later I got a 80-bass Weltmeister accordion from my sweet mother. Since that moment I live for this instrument. My accordion teacher - Kostic Stojan - was a great accordionist. He taught me through many years and I became a succesful player with his help.

Playing accordion was very important where I grow up. In 1992 I traveled to Germany. I was playing 2 years there but earlier I've been many times there at accordion competition.

I speak hungarian, german, croatian, and I also sing these languages :)

However I played the accordion, I was always intrested in it's working. My teacher's instrument was the first that I repaired. After this, I repaired all the local music scool's accordions. I discovered this knowledge by myself, than I put this knowledge on a higher level in Castelfidardo, Italy.

Now there can't be an accordion that I can't repair. It doesn't matter whether it's a little cleaning, tuning or a general renew, it's a piano or a chromatic/diatonic accordion. I build in microphones and MIDI systems too, and I'll make a perfect job on your instrument too!

At this time I live in Keszthely, Hungary. There I play music, repair insruments and I present the "Petromaestro" accordions made by myself.

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